Science Month Celebration envisions 21st century learners who will create young scientist for the future generations and to build a better nation with full understanding on the significant role of Science, Technology and Innovation with this year’s theme, “Reinventing The Future: Advancing Communities Through Science Technology and Innovations”. Activities lined up to uphold this year’s theme are Banner Parade, on the Spot Slogan, Poster and Essay Writing Contest, Extemporaneous Speech, Science Jeoparbee, and Interpretative Dance. A Minamata forum/discussion was also prepared to raise awareness on its adverse effect not only in the environment but also in humans in general.  The series of events prepared for our young learners will be a lee-way to show, expose, and reveal their scientific interest, skills, and talents.

An exhibit of Science Magic and Interactive Games was also organized to present concepts in Science through simple experiments, manipulative activities and games which we believe is one of the powerful tools in raising the level of awareness and interest of our learners by thinking about how certain phenomenon works.

The highlight of this year’s celebration was the conduct of Research Congress were Twenty-three (23) entries from Grades 7 – 10 were show-cased, presented, and defended by the young researchers.

A cheerful opening of Science Month Celebration was held on September 2, 2019 with the presentation of Banner Parade from Grades 7 to 11. The program started through the singing of nationalistic songs, doxology, and Pasay Hymn. After which was a high-spirited opening remarks delivered by Dr. Cynthia D. Abella followed by an Inspirational Talk of Dr. Efren D. Canzana and a statement of purpose by Mrs. Celsa M. Chico, Science Coordinator.

A Eucharistic Celebration was also held on September 5, 2019 for a communal gathering facilitated by Ms. Rosalin Sr. Camacho of the ESP Department.