The LIS Coordinator, Mr. Terence Reyes, virtually oriented the  38 Section Advisers on DepEd Memorandum No. 014 s. 2021 or known as the interim guidelines on the preparation, submission, and checking of school forms for the school year 2020-2021 on April 20, 2021. Mr. Reyes informed the 47  participants that the policy objectives must be followed which are to establish clear guidelines for the preparation, submission, and checking of school forms for SY 2020-2021 and gather no more than those data are important and relevant to the school given the ongoing health crisis. In his presentation, he discussed the summary of amendments in the following school forms: SF1, SF2,SF3, SF4, SF8,and SF9.

             He iterated that  the division level checking of school forms is hereby suspended and the annual checking of school forms shall be done at the school level by the School Checking Committee. Mr. Reyes told the participants that the school level checking may be conducted through online or on-site, provided that health and safety protocols are being observed. He added that the result of checking of forms initiated by the School Checking Committee is deemed final and can be used by the school to complete its submission in LIS.

Meanwhile, Dr. Efren E. Canzana, the PSDS/OIC-Principal, was also one of the participants who made positive feedback and asked questions for the participants to clearly understand the said interim guidelines. Roger B. Escarilla