Faculty members from the English, Filipino and Edukasyon sa Pagpakatao were able to prepare the integrative performance tasks for the 3rd quarter due to their collaboration during their Virtual Learning Action Cell  (VLAC) on April 5  and April 8, 2021, respectively. The virtual learning action cell aimed to capacitate English, Filipino and ESP teachers in designing integrative performance tasks which will be used in assessing learners in third grading and  to enhance spirit among teachers for the achievement of a common goal. The VLAC was proposed and facilitated by Ms. France Nunez, Master teacher, as the facilitator and one of the speakers. Ms. France guided the teachers on how to come up an Integrative Performance Task (IPT) She informed the participants that they need this time the subject focused, the most essential learning competencies and the rubrics to gauge the IPT. Mrs. Ruth Publico, Master teacher and Resource Person on the said VLAC, was able to discuss the importance of analytic and holistic rubrics. In her talk, she told the participants the advantages of analytic rubrics over the holistic rubrics which are providing useful feeback on areas of strength and weakness and the criterion can be weighted to reflect the relative importance of each dimension.

                  Meanwhile, Dr. Efren E. Canzana, the VLAC Leader and the OIC-Principal of the school, gave his messgae in the opening program and made his positive feedbacks in the outputs presented by each presenter in every group.He made mention that LAC is proven to be effective in engaging a group of teachers in collaborating and solving shared challenges. To show his support not only morally but financially, he approved the communication allowance which was used by each participant  during the virtual learning action cell which is school’s compliance to DepEd Order no 35, s. 2016.The said VLAC was hosted by Ms. Wilbeth T. Panganiban, an English teacher. ROGER B. ESCARILLA