The School conducted a  virtual career guidance orientation via FB Live through the technical assistance of Ms. Biverly A. Teñoso, ICT1 Coordinator, to 350 Grade-10  students  and their parents on April 16, 2021. Mrs. Rosalin S. Camacho, guidance coordinator, made a plan and facilitated the flow of the program on the said date. The goal of the orientation is to not only help the students and parents make decisions they need to make now, but to give them the knowledge and skills they need to make future career and life decisions. The online orientation was highlighted by  different speakers who gave emphasis on the tracks and strands  offered in  President Corazon “Cory” C. Aquino National High School (PCCCANHS).                     Meanwhile, Mr. Joemar D. Martinez, Teacher III, tackled thoroughly  the academic track and its four strands which are STEM, ABM, GAS and HUMSS. He informed the audience,  “the school is offering HUMSS which is designed for  the students  who would want to engage in a college degree on liberal arts and education, this strand focuses on the study of societal issues and changes as well as human conditions.” he said. Ms. Marilou M. Allego, Tech. Voc Teacher, discussed about Home Economics strand and its specializations: food and beverage services, bread and pastry and bartending which are offered in school. Dr. Victor Paulo D. Umali, TLE-PA-Subject Coordinator, highlighted industrial arts as strand in his talk. He added , “Tech-Voc consists basically of practical courses through which one gains skills and experience directly linked to a career in the future.” Mr. Bojen A. Merida, EIM teacher, talked about electrical installation maintenance as one of the specializations offered in school. Ms. Consuelo A. Eusebio, SHS Coordinator, made her part in orienting the parents and students about senior high school in President Corazon “Cory” C. Aquino National High School. The success of the career guidance orientation was attributed to the usual  support of the PSDS/OIC-Principal, Dr. Efren E. Canzana who advocated the K-12 Curriculum Exits which are work, entrepreneurship, college and middle skills development. The said program was hosted by two active faculty members of SHS: Mr. Ariel Z. Delos Reyes and Ms. Maricel V. Calimlim. ROGER B. ESCARILLA