Dr. Efren E. Canzana, PSDS and OIC –Principal, initiated and led the conduct of School Learning Action Cell (SLAC) on building the teaching portfolio related to the implementation of the modalities on June 8, 2021. There were 61 teachers attended the said SLAC.  Dr. Canzana explained the importance of means of verification in required artifacts to submit by teachers and leaders.

            The SLAC was highlighted by the invited resource person from the Schools Division Office in the person of Dr. Maripaz T. Mendoza. She enumerated all the the required artifacts such as individual learning monitoring plan, weekly home learning plan, teacher-made or modified learning resources, certificates of participation in any professional development activities with annotation on how you applied what you have learned in your work as ateacher and reflective summary. She also informed all attendees to prepare self-selected artifacts like means of verification on engaging learners for their progress and achievement, professional engagement with colleagues and engagement with key stakeholders in the teaching learning process. According to her, the teacher should duplicate the MOV’s for the teachers to use in  their portfolios in LDM and IPCRF.

          Meanwhile, Dr. Canzana said “This SLAC is conducted in compliance to the Division Memorandum No. 526, s.2021 which is about LDM practicum portfolio and evaluation schedule of activities.” During the program, he reiterated the roles of LAC leaders like to guide all teachers to come up a portfolio. The said SLAC was facilitated by Ms. Ma. Victoria Roberto, Values Education teacher, organized by the master teachers, Ms. Francia T. Nunez and Ms. Rotella Publico, with the assistance of Ms. Biverly Teñoso, ICT teacher and Ms. Rachel Samson, Values Education teacher, respectively. ROGER B. ESCARILLA