Philippine Standard Time:

Ma’am Grace B. Torres  smiles (second from left)  as she receives her bouquet before SOSA with the Assistant Principal, Roger B. Escarilla, (third from left) Department Head III of Araling Panlipunan, Ma’am Consuelo Eusebio and FEA President, Ma’am Earl Aligonero.

The School Principal (Ma’am Grace B. Torres) delivers her State of the School Address (SOSA) after the parents, teachers and students’ orientation before the first day of regular classes start

SPTA Officers and Members with PSDS of Cluster -10, Ma’am Evelyn R. Ramos and the teachers attend during SOSA of the School Principal, Ma’am Grace B. Torres

                “The State of the School Address (SOSA) is a school principal report about the present condition of the school and the previous school year. This report includes the analysis of the performance of teachers, learners, and the school itself, materials such as books, modules or learning materials, human resources and physical facilities management. It also includes an overview of how the school is being managed. One of the important agenda of any educational institution is the quality academic performance of the students, all programs and projects are geared to the mission and vision of the school and to the needs of the learners,” School Principal Ma’am Grace B. Torres narrated.

              This year  SOSA was delivered where the school principal reported the status of the school from the previous school year. It started with the level of practice of the school-based Management (SBM) which is at Level III or advanced level where  it indicates  all the artifacts or documents  stored are  complete. Most of the projects of the school were continued to the following school year for  further improvement for the good of the learners. There are 11 out of 12 or 91.67% of projects have been prospering and it is in the second year of implementation.

              In her report, the number of Teachers who underwent master’s degree has grown so far. The highest educational attainment of most teachers in having units of master’s degree is 35 out of 72 or 48.61 % of the total number of teachers. 3 teachers are already completed their master’s degree and 1 who graduated doctorial degree. It indicated that most of the teachers in school enhanced their teaching skills and knowledge for the benefit of the learners.

               In terms of the promotion rate of the school, the average promotion rate has declined to 96.02% as compared to the previous year with an average of 98.09%. Grade 12 level has 100% promotion rate, followed by grade 11 with 98% .  For grades 7 and 10 have  reached 95% of promotion rate to be followed by Grade- 9 with 93%  and Grade- 8 with 92.5% of promotion rate, respectively.

              “The school is fortunate to have different donors from LGUs, NGOs and even international  to support the school in many ways like providing school supplies or support in different programs of the school. The biggest source of school funding came from the donation amounting to Php.19,706,417 or 46.76% of the total fund source of the school. In terms of the learning materials, it never increases the number of the learning materials since school year 2019-2020, that most of the books in Grade 7 followed by Grade 8 and Grade 9. The most least number of books is in Grade 10,” Ma’am Grace said.

              She added, “One of the things that the school pays attention to is the facilities such as classrooms, toilets, and seats for the comfort of the students while they are inside the school. Currently the school was lacking toilets for some learners. The learners-toilet ratio is 51:1 with a lacking 1 toilet/s for the whole school. Majority of the toilets in the school are used exclusively according to the learner’s sex. The learner seat-ratio is 0.38:1 with lacking 1262 seats for the whole school, and the principal already requested chairs or armchairs for the next school year to also support the number of students in the school. The school lacks 4 classrooms as of SY 2022-2023, all classrooms utilized are standard instructional rooms.”

              From school year 2021-2022 the number of male enrollees decreased from 1140 to 1064, and the number of females enrollees decreases from 1068 to 967. Teachers try to mark the school to the different elementary school in the division of Pasay City. With the teachers’ ration the school is having combined (Mono-grade and multi-grade) classes. The different grade level was handled by 63 teachers.

              Meanwhile, the Phil-IRI result of English and Filipino showed that Grade 7 has the highest number of learners whose  reading level is in the instructional  or 17.38%. While in Filipino, the percentage of learners whose reading  level is 24% instructional. In the state of nutrition, the previous school year, 15.97% (172 of 1077) of the male learners fall outside normal health status while 10.75% (107 of 995) of the female learners fall outside normal health status.

              She emphasized that the school is doing good and not  left behind when it comes to different contests whether it is  division or region. She ended her SOSA by recognizing the stakeholders who have been very supportive in all the programs and projects implemented by the school. J. DC. SURBIDA