Last June 30, 2018, an event was successfully conducted which is the State of School Address and the first GPTA assembly. This school activity had objectives to provide information about progress and development of President Corazon C. Aquino High School for the past previous year. It’s also aims to elect new set of officers of GPTA for the school year 2018-2019.

School Head, Master Teachers and Grade Level coordinators conducted conference to determine and plan the said program. They emphasize on the flow of the program and the transition for SOSA and Classroom PTA. The Supreme Student Government, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and other club officers are requested to assist the said program for smooth process and to sustain peace and order during the event.

Grade 8 and 10 parents were the first set of audience for the school address, while grade 7 and 9 were in their respective classroom together with the assigned advisers to discuss various agenda such as attendance, behavior and culture of learners, waste management and so on.

At exactly 8:00 in the morning the State of the School Address officially started with a prayer and followed immediately by a welcome remarks by Mrs. Rotella R. Publico, master teacher of A.P department, after that the school head, Mrs. Anicia E. Monton discussed the recent situation of the school with regard to participation rate/ numbers of enrolment for three consecutive years she pointed out that there is remarkable increased. She stated also the number of teachers per grade level area and their professional growth. Mrs. Monton also showcases the different improvement on the school for three consecutive years as per achievement level of learners also the instructional materials.

One of the highlights of SOSA was the achievements that make the institution proud of. Mrs. Monton mentions learners and teachers that perform remarkable in their respective field, academically and sports. She also presented to the supportive parents the new innovation that was constructed this year which is the student handbook. She elaborates some school policy and regulations included in the student handbook which has unique feature because of translation (Filipino Language) of some school policy for better comprehension. An open forum initiated also by Mrs. Monton to entertain queries and suggestion by the different concern parents.

After the school address, selected students of gr10 presented a modern dance and after that different grade level coordinators introduced each level advisers and subject teachers to the parents. The program was hosted by Mr. Lyndon Sanchez for grade 8 and 10 parents SOSA and Ms. Junbeth Santos for grade 7 and 9 SOSA. All presidents of each section of all grade levels were gathered at the library to conduct an election for representative of General PTA of President Corazon Aquino High School and it’s initiated by AP department.

Over all the State of School Address and First GPTA Assembly was successfully conducted this were evidently because objectives and purposes of the said program was efficiently achieved.


Prepared by:

Grade 7 Level Coordinator